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Electronic Information Electric Power Capacitor Photovoltaic Solar


Soldering product series is one of our company's featured products, including soldering tin, soldering wire, lead-free soldering, etc. Soldering products mainly refer to the solder with low melting point made of tin base alloy. There are mainly two parts of electronic components welding used soldering products: tin alloy and additives. In the electronic welding, soldering material melt by soldering iron to adhere two metal components together. Soldering iron to provide stable and continuous melting heat and soldering material as a filler metal permeate into the gap between electrons to fixed electronic components. The performance of finished electronic products and soldering material quality are inseparable; better soldering material’s composition will provide better soldering chemical properties, mechanical properties and physical properties.

With the proposal of EU and worldwide awareness of environmental protection, use lead-free solder to take place of lead solder is an inevitable trend in the development of the global electronic manufacturing industry.